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fought back tears and expressed his deep gratitude at the memorial for his daughter. they donned pink, turning the high school gym into a sea of her favorite colors and shared memories of the 19-year-old. [laughter] >> alyssa's friends grief comes in waves, going between sorrow and joy, they know she would want them to choose the letter. >> i don't want you guys to be sad anymore. >> i hate to say this brought us together but this brought us all together as a community, a family, friendship. it's amazing. ♪. reporter: the already tightknit community has green even closer as they reminisce on the girl remembered as lively, outgoing, bringing people together after death as she did in her life. >> if said this to a one of kid last night. my wife and i lost other daughter, and that's what we have gamed -- i don't know -- 150 kids. >> alyssa is being cremated and will be laid to rest privately by her family. a concert in her honor will be held saturday, february 23rd, with proceeds to a foundation. in petaluma, abc7 news. >> ama: oakland police tell us the four murders in the city friday
on his girlfriend and lit her on fire yesterday after they got into an argument. >> i don't know what will happen to her. i don't. >> reporter: starr lamare a mother of three will be in the burn unit for the next 4-5 months. she will need numerous surgeries. >> face. chest. waist up. he tried to kill her. >> reporter: it is not the first time he has been accused of being violent in a relationship. in 2009 he pled guilty to battery charges. a judge ordered him to attend domestic violence counseling. he went to one class and never went back. >> how can you go from arguing to setting someone on fire. >> reporter: she says her sister and dexter oliver had been dating six months. she tried to end the relationship before. >> he will leave a day or two and then come back. >> reporter: now that he is wanted for attempted murder he finally left their home for good. >> we are checking areas he is known to frequent, addresses we have on file. we are asking for the public's help to find him. >> reporter: san francisco police warn that dexter oliver is dangerous, anyone who sees him should call po
besser says many of us are in it for the long haul. >> we don't know when this is going to end. this could be the worst flu year in a decade. >> reporter: what makes this year's flu season so bad, timing. the outbreak hit around thanksgiving this year. that's about a month earlier than normal. we're six weeks in. and with six more to go, doctors say it's not too late to get that flu shot. a recently-released study ranks this year's vaccine as 62% effective, just moderate. more than 130 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide. but many people are now having trouble finding them in their neighborhoods. >> we are being told we don't have any. >> you don't have any left? okay. >> reporter: so, how do you know if you're coming down with the flu or just the common cold? >> if you think about a cold, it usually infects you from the neck-up. so, congestion, sinus, fullness, sore throat. but the flu is going to affect your whole body. in addition to those symptoms, you're going to feel achy all over. >> reporter: if you can't find the flu vaccine at your local pharmacy, h
second amendment rightd to the american people.mehe amea we don't think that --n so why >> why shouldn't the american people ask both sides to sides to compromise? yes, you want increased sec compromise? schools, you want te you want increased security in h schools, you want the d gaming y proliferation of violence in thu gaming industry and media to w, come down, you want to deal with say yes to the mentally ill. if the pres if we say yes to that or the president says yes to that, why doesn't he have a right to say e to you give a little on things th like background checks?in check? >> you know, if you're -- if you' >> you know, if you're looking , at the problem, which is to prevent this sort of thing, wha you want to do is do those things that will actually make o those things that w actually we have a profound disagreement. we have a profound with this administration, first of all, on what would make a w of al difference.l,hat would we don't think that a ban on m. we don't think that so-called assault weapons, whic hasn't worked in the past, is h hasn't worked in
of fog out there, we may see some mid- 60s but don't get used to it, there is a big change coming up soon. >>> a big announcement about california state prisons today, why the governor is holding two press conferences about it. >>> also a surprising study, the driver is blamed for much of the gridlock and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us this tuesday morning, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve is right there and you've got a really interesting forecast. >> well, it will go from one extreme to the other. temperatures 30s and 40s. today will be sunny and warmer for many unless you are out in the eastern parts of the bay area but high pressure is building and that will bring us sunshine and warmer temperatures especially in the south bay, here is sal. >>> good morning, we have a lot of fog as steve has been mentioning and it is a little bit foggy as you can bear clay see -- barely see some of the roads. not a lot of fog, there is a big accident on the east shore and i have a big
says unilateral sanctions don't work and they just isolate the united states. republican critics, though, aren't convinced. >> he is an honorable man. he has had a record of distinguished service but he's profoundly wrong on a number of the most important national security issues that face our country today. >> reporter: key jewish groups being lobbied, that has helped soften the anti-defamation league, who wrote senator hagel would not have been my first choice, but i respect the president's prerogative. >> the white house is reaching out to a number of groups and individuals with regard to this nomination and others. >> reporter: hagel is also likely to face questions about his position on gay rights after his 1998 comments criticizing a u.s. ambassador nominee as, quote, openly aggressively gay. hagel has since apologized but one openly gay senator says she would like to hear more. >> i do want to speak to him particularly about his comments 14 years ago to see if his apology is sincere and sufficient. >> reporter: monday the white house faced protests but not over chuck hagel
in lyn don. authorities education courted one of the speed freak killers from death row to that area and he pointed out the well as a spot where more human remains could be found. the fbi says it is not looking for any one victim in particular. >> no particular individual is associated with this site. to be clear, we only know that this may contain remains. >> the fbi -- fbi is taking over the search following criticism of the san joaquin county sheriff's office handling. the remains of two women were identified and no identity has been determined for a third set of remains. a bay area mother is waiting anxiously as that well is being excavated. wondering if her daughters' remains are at the bottom of that well. >> mckayla garrett's mother read me those words today her nine-year-old daughter wrote more than 24 years ago. early sharon found the paper in a book after a stranger kidnapped the little girl from a hayward store. >> there was just a sense of foreknowledge that something was going to happen. >> now, after almost a quarter of a century of searching of heartbreak, sharon still
of the store. antioch police were here taking down any information. but we don't know any suspects' descriptions at this point. but at this moment, the clerk refused medical attention. he's working this morning. he says that he's a little bit spooked out by what happened. but he will continue to work until the owner gets here. roughly around 9:00 this morning. he also says he just started this job about a week ago. we're live in antioch, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police in gilroy are looking for a man they say tried to pick up an 11-year-old girl walking home. it happened on monterey road last week. police say the man offered her a ride but when another driver saw what was happening. he took off. police say the man was driving a ford green 2000 astrovan. the suspect is described as an hispanic man between 50 to 60 years old with short black here and a mustache. >>> petaluma police are also investigating a similar incident. yesterday, a 14-year-old girl reported that a man asked her to get into his car just outside westside elementary school. police say the girl kept wa
was ticketed or will be for the next two sunday, but come the 27th of saturday, if you don't feed a meter on a sunday, you'll get a ticket. reporting live, abc7 news. >> ama: a new verse of the san francisco phenomenon known as parklets is coming under criticism from supervisor who doesn't like the way it looks. not everyone agrees. >> most people i think have really favorable opinions of the parklet, the great place for the family to hang out, visit local businesses, grab lunch, and just hang out on a nice day. >> no one was ticketed today no will be -- >> associations don't like the way the parklet looks, calling it odd. it was also installed without a permit. >> the fiscal cliff fiasco may be over but a new deadline is looming in washington. up next, the debt debate. >> a dry sunday but what is ahead for your work week? meteorology leigh glaser has the forecast. >> hockey is back, almost. the main issues resolved. two weeks ago the niners learned just how good seattle is, today rg iii and the redskins learned a ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bo
not know garcia. they don't know if saba knew garcia. garcia was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder. >>> investigators are painting a clearer picture of how a petaluma teenager turned up dead in a south lake tahoe snowbank. they say 19-year-old melissa byrne was disoriented when she left a music festival on new year's eve. it was less than 10 degrees that night. a utility worker found byrne's body on january 4th, not far from the concert venue. investigators do not suspect foul play. an autopsy has not been performed. but that could happen tomorrow. tests will determine if alcohol or drugs were in her system. >>> gilmore place are looking for a possible child predator on the prowl. this was all playing out south. another driver who saw what was happening drove towards the van and the suspect left. that car is being described as a 2000 model ford minivan. he was described with short, black hair and a long mustache. >>> police say he confessed to killing seven people at oikos university. that was the ruling after a second psychiatrist reported that 44-year-old one goh suffers from par
heavy. as we head to san jose you don't have much. so thestory are the scattered sprinkles and ice so -- it's so cold we're looking at snow flurries on bay area peaks and then we'll pinpoint how cold it's going to get around here. . > . >> you you can check out just how cold and wet it is before you head out the door tomorrow morning on your mobile device. down load our station ktvu app to your smartphone. >> crews hauled and stacked around 4,000 bags along san fireman keet creek -- san francisquito creek. . >> i got a lot of a-water in the garage so mibach yard was a mess. we had a mess all around. >> city officials say they plan to do a major overhaul of the levee this summer and are applying for disaster funds crews tonight are still cleaning up a sewage leak that contaminated several areas of the medical center in oakland. hospital staff spotted the leak and quickly responded. alex. >> a short time ago, a spoeks man told me owe a-shay will be -- osha will be investigating the response to the leak. todaywe talked to workers who's job was to sterilize instruments used fsh surge
told me, don't go over there because he's dead and, you know, in a bad way. >> reporter: deputies found lavanion with multiple gunshot wounds and one trying to save his life. >> deputies attempted cpr, but medical personnel pronounced the suspect deceased. >> reporter: he was smart and athletic and believes this was a mistake because he was new to the area. >> i know it happened for nothing, basically somebody just got the wrong thing, got it confused. he's not from out here. >> reporter: the family had a rough year. someone shot into their house. the family tried to transfer out of murin city, but they could not move. the sheriffs say they don't have a suspect description at the time. cbs5. >> muran county is hosting the gun buyback program next week. people from sonoma and san francisco will get $200 for a semiautomatic handgun or long gun. others worth $100. the buyback happens with the mill valley police departments. no questions asked. >>> vice president joe biden meets with video game makers to broaden ideas for curbing gun violence. t
, are those disqualifiers? >> i don't think so. you have to predict the future. they're going to face very complex problems which we can't predict. that level of trust and relationship between those people and with other members of the cabinet are the most important. >> not to put you on the spot, is there another name that jumps out? is there someone that you would have turned to immediately that you would vote for? >> no. >> okay. just thought i would try it. you have a quote in your memoir, as you were dealing with the situation in afghanistan there was an emergence of an ununfortunate deficit of trust between the white house and the department of defense. was that distrust a two-way street? >> yes. i outline in a fair amount of detail, it's about leadership. that's what i'm passionate about. building trust takes time. and it's the essential ingredient of ever solving difficult things, whether it's a marriage, educating kids, fighting a war. you have to build trust between people and organizations. >> did you distrust the people at the white house? did you distrust key members of the ob
and when it comes to national security, we don't like to leave a lot of gaps. >> if confirmed, brennan will replace leon panetta, the director of the cia and take over for general david petraeus who resigned over an extra marital affair. >>> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton resumed work today and received a football helmet to protect her from another head injury. she fell after becoming dihydrated and developed a concussion. >>> california lawmakers are back at the state capital hold be super majorities in both houses for the first time in 30 years. the legislature recessed for the holidays and the super majority means democrats can pass legislation without a single republican vote. as the legislation opens, it includes higher education funding and healthcare reforms. >>> a dog grooming van crashes into a business in san jose and we will tell you what happened to this vehicle just before this happened and what it means for the store. >>> rosemary is up in a few minutes and she will tell us about some cold temperatures headed this way. >> they are the hottest tickets to get but
that -- that certain students cost more to educate than other students is valid. i don't think many people dispute that. it's a matter of how do you implement that? and how do you pay for it? and that's where that rubber hits the road. >> it's kind of hard. it has to be fair across the board, it doesn't matter what student or what income level they're at. >> reporter: even though it would benefit schools in the west contra costa unified school district, charles ramsey believes that the governor's plan will only breed bitterness. >> how is it going to accomplish that? i don't think it's fair to say to other school districts that they should lose their funding to help us. i just don't support that kind of proposal. >> reporter: and if you are wondering to what happened to all that additional sales tax that you just passed for education? it is going to schools but because there were so many cuts in the last five years, this only brings the schools back to where they started so just at zero. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. >>> on the higher education front it appears gover
of the issue. >> that's true generally speaking. i don't think there's been a study to show gun control laws reduce violence. >> tom also made news with a call for a statewide homeless bill of rights to guarantee the homeless housing and health care. >> it's more of a statement to say this is the direction the state is making. >> the final call for legalization of marijuana may be up as well. the biggest issue is the governor's call to redistribute scarce education dollars so students get more money. it's getting pushed back from both sides of the aisle. >> just because you send money to schools doesn't mean you're going to increase performance by students. >> i'm not going to vote for a proposal to take away textbooks for a district and give that money to other districts. >> the biggest news of course is the republicans are so outnumbered they're pretty much sidelined. with them goes the ability for the republicans to block the idea of new taxes. >> i don't think there's a tax or fee that won't be put up, talked about or discussed. >> an ironic twis
. >> road looks wet and you don't notice any tire spray coming off the road, that's, be very aware because most likely on black ice. >>reporter: and the temperature right now still hovering just above freezing but it is expected to drop below 32 degrees fahrenheit in most of the east bay and just few hours. reporting live in livermore, abc 7 news. >>> all right allen thank you. look at the road conditions in the sierra from the cal-trans camera. interstate 80 near truckee. chains not required right now but conditions of course can change at any moment so if heading to the sierra perhaps for the weekend make sure you are prepared. >>> snow has also been falling in southern california. this advertise i-5 over the grapevine between bakersfield an los angeles. the route has been closed off and on all day long right now it is shut down. >> another concern that we have mentioned. plants if you don't want them to wither and die and you don't they need to be covered with some type of cloth material. anything but plasti plastic. lay plastic over the cloth for more protection. now get curr
? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >> freeze warnings in effect in the bay area in two hours. temperatures expected to drop to 32 degrees and below. good evening. >> let's begin with those warnings and sandy. >> no one is escaping the cold tonight. check out live doppler 7 hd right now and the skies are clear. dry air mass. we are in for a freezing cold night. here are the current temperatures. already 36 in napa. 38 degrees in fairfield. 39 in santa rosa. and as you look here a good part of the bay area under freeze warnings frost advisory. freeze warning friday saturday morning 2 to 8:00 a.m. indicated by dark purple entire north bay, east bay interior valley and santa clara valley including san jos jose. mid 20's to low 30's. frost advisory lighter purple. bayshore line. same time period. low to mid 30's. make sure produce text your plants, pets and pipes. i'll be ba
. neighbors say they don't know him or his wife or two-year-old child. they knew they had dogs but they certainly did not know about the 34 pounds of marijuana that mr. teeth was apparently guarding. one woman said she gets upset when she thinks about all the kids who play in the neighborhood. >> it is terrible, it is the size of a child and i don't know how that could happen. it is very scary. >> reporter: let me show you the marijuana mr. teeth was guarding, an estimated street value of $134,000. he was being held on $160,000 bail and will face charges for drug charges. we have seen them online costing 250 bucks on up and we should also tell you, fish and game list it as illegal to own. we also expect more charges will be filed because he was not legally okay to have that alligator inside his home. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police are issuing a safety warning to women in palo alto. janine de la vega has more on the search for the suspect and what the woman said he did. >> reporter: the man exposed himself to the woman here near california avenue. the woma
. slow down, number two if you do hit it, don't panic. don't slam on the brakes. decrease your speed. >> the extra mattresses are coming out the mary isaac center where they normally have 100 beds available. mike johnson says when the temperatures are life-threatening, police and fire in the community know to send people here who would normally prefer to stay outside. >> hopefully the combination of referring knowledgeable citizens out there get people in and help save their lives during the cold spells. >> she is worried about saving her nursery inventory. she has always lost some and cover her citrus and other cold sensitive plants tonight. she has advice for any one covering their own. >> no plastic, old sheets or old comforters or cloth cover. >> rose garden in petaluma, not to forget about your bouganvilla. don't turn it off in the spring and this will actually protect the root system. >> heather, thank you. >> dan: a san francisco man was charged with 11 felony counts for allegedly setting his girlfriend on fire. both family and victims attended the hearing for dexter oliver on
it should be adopted. >> we certainly don't want to have criminals breaking into homes and getting ahold of guns. that can happen. >> in piedmont, abc-7 news. >> ama: a 13-year-old tourist is in the hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries after she was hit bay car in san francisco. happened around 8:00 last night on pine street just west of stockton street. the girl was visiting the city with her family when she was hit. the drive tide stop after the accident. >>> vallejo police are offering a ewafford reward for the identity or a car that hit a man. police said the driver rap away after the c. and hasn't been found. >> still to come on abc-7 news at 11:00, a community comes together to help save a bay area icon. >> the taxty ride that led -- what one man did to get his iphone back. >> a google project has hurricane victims seething. >> plus, rain moving through the bay area right now. you can seer right here i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance
. if the plan works out with the police and city officials, he says it should be adopted. >> we certainly don't want to have criminals breaking into homes and getting a hold of guns. that can happen. >> in piedmont, thomas ramone, abc7 news. >> tomorrow morning at to 10:00 the 49ers divisional playoff tickets go on sale via ticket masters. niners will host the green bay packers at candlestick park next saturday night, january 12th at five. but the number of seats available is extremely limited so fans are encouraged to visit nfl ticket exchange to find additional seats. it is expected to be a sellout game. it is possible more seats could become available later due to returns. those tickets would only be made available through ticketmaster. >>> up next, unhappy residents, why they say a bill passed to help super storm sandy victims is not enough to make a difference. and the peninsula community comes together to try to save a bay [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i jus
and afghanistan don't come to some basic agreement and understanding about the threat of extremism to both countries and both governments and both capitals. i think you're starting to see a greater awareness of that on the part of the pakistani government. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: the question that you have made about, about we talked about this issue of in detail today, about the prisoners, about the detention centers. all of these will transfer to the afghan sovereignty. in the u.s. forces will pull out from villages. go to the bases. and and afghan sovereignty will be restored. and after 2014. we will working on it, on these relations. this relation will have a different nature. and will have different principles. it will resemble probably, tokyo or germany, we are studying these relationships and we will do that. >> steven collison? >> thank you, mr. president, do you contemplate the end of this war, can you say as commander-in-chief, that the huge human and financial costs this has entailed can be justified, given the fact that the afghanistan that the world will l
temperatures that will likely kill plants if you don't cover them up and may give us crop damage throughout parts of california. prost advisory near the bay, slightly warmer here. overall you need to take in the pets and protect the plants. in san jose, last time it was this cold for this long of a stretch was back on january 9 through the 19th of 2012. it's been about a year since we've had weather like this so remember to bundle up and wear those layers. we have some warming coming up in a few minutes. >>> it feels like green bay around here. guess who is in town tonight? the green bay packers. the big playoff game is now less than 24 hours away. the 49ers, packers at candlestick. the san francisco skyline showing off the city's team spirit. at city hall the 49ers flag is flying high with hopes this win tomorrow, if they win, will pave the way to new orleans, the site of the super bowl. preparations are under way, course, at candlestick. the game is sold out. it will be cold as jeff said, but some people are already tailgating. you see the parking lot. huey lewis and the news will will si
children. we don't allow those games into our house. we made that decision because we think it desensitizes our children to the real effect of violence. the fact is, we need to have a conversation about all these things. we had a woman in camden who decapitated her child and killed herself, high on crack. if we don't deal with the substance abuse issues and mental abuse issues that lead to violence, we're shortchanging this conversation. >> if they deal with those issues as well, would you support a federal ban on assault weapons? >> depends on what they do, matt. >> why not say yes or no? >> it's not that easy. i know in a short interview like this, you would like me to give you pithy answers. but the fact is that these are complicated issues. the fact is i'm willing to have that conversation. that's a lot more than other people are willing to say. i'm willing to have the conversation but you have to deal with these other issues. otherwise you're just being political. >> in your state of the state address yesterday, you cast new jersey as to what you term the dysfunctional, dispirited and
should . >> but it's not up to the fans! who baseball writer s s shot down today. and why you don't see anything with the name bonds in the giants doug out store. ,,,,,, ,,,, america's 37th president wod have turned 100 today. but beyond the disgrace of watergate - the nixon legacy still has a broad impact on our l today. in 1969, he canceled the drt ... moving the united states toward an all- volunteer military. in 1970, he created the environmental protection ag - which some republicans now want to disband. and in 1972 - for anyone whs a daughter who loves sports: it was richard nixon who si into law "title nine." marking today's anniversarye historian called him: america's last great libera america's debate over gun control has landed in the b >> marking today's anniversary, one historian called him america's last great liberal. >>> america's debate over gun control has landed here in the bay area. the president of the task force is holding series of public forums across the 5th district. he is already recommending a ban on assault weapons and limit th purchase of certain magazines.
don knapp is at ireland's bar in san francisco, where the faithful are gathered. don? >> reporter: you know, anne, the irish faithful, but they are not watching football or soccer or anything like that. they are watching the 49ers! and of course with the game going as it is, they have good reason to cheer! [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: they were groaning and cheering, as green bay scores first in the playoff game. fans here at ireland's are not faint at heart. >> it's been incredible, being here in the middle of all of this is exhilarating to watch. >> got off to a bad start today, huh? >> yes, yes, but it's very early. lot of time left. lot can happen. >> we came up from socal to watch the game. >> you could watch it down there, you know. >> no, we gotta be in san francisco, definitely. >> absolutely, gotta be in the crowd. >> you're in the crowd now. how does it feel? >> feels great. this is perfect! couldn't be better! >> go! >> reporter: a few more minutes and the niners had scored. the crowd warmed up. [ cheers & applause ] >> re
at the hp pavilion and we just don't know when they will start. the board of governors will be meeting today in new york and the 30 club owners will vote on a tentative agreement reached by players and owners. they were still working on one key piece of business that still needed to be setelled and if all goes well, they will play on sunday. they are still renting a practice facility during these past three months of the lock out. businesses downtown have been losing a lot of revenue. we spoke with one revenue who said he has noticed the drop off in foot traffic. >> there are fewer cars and i can't wait to be late and i think it is great for the arena and i think it is great for the neighborhood. >> one bar owner told us they had lost 60 to 70% of revenue and now that sharks fans will be back, they plan on hiring more staff to handle the crowds. the number of games has been drastically but and it will be just 48 games. players are eager to get back on the ice a far as getting back here at the arena. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well muni saved money by cutting corners w
out he says it should be adopted. >> we certainly don't want to have criminals breaking into homes and getting ahold of guns. that can happen. >> in piedmont, abc-7 news. >> ama: a 13-year-old tourist is in the hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries after she was hit bay car in san francisco. happened around 8:00 last night on pine street just west of stockton street. the girl was visiting the city with her family when she was hit. the drive tide stop after the accident. >>> vallejo police are offering a ewafford reward for the identity or a car that hit a man. police said the driver rap away after the c. and hasn't been found. >> still to come on abc-7 news at 11:00, a community comes together to help save a bay area icon. >> the taxty ride that led -- what one man did to get his iphone back. >> a google project has hurricane victims seething. >> plus, rain moving through the bay area right now. you can seer right here o >> ama: fans of the peninsula ice rinking rallying against a plan to close the center. the board wants to transform the location into retail face but l
'm kind of jealous the next door neighbor is having all this patio space and people sit there. i don't. >> reporter: look to san francisco and the parklets there or oakland to see that the concept can work even in cities where parking spots are hard to come by. >> there's always second street and san fernando. and then we have the other side and the right side. i think there's still parking available. >> reporter: it might take getting use d to not being able to park exactly in front of where you want to dine. during the one-year pilot period the city will only permit five of these curb cafes, parklets, as they're called throughout the bay area. if they work, we may see more. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, kris. tonight might not be the night to sit outside, though. coming up, big changes just around the corner, jeff. >>> that's right. some of the coldest air not only of the season but of the past year looks to arrive as we continue throughout this week. the possibility of low snow. how low that snow will go. that will be improving on wednesday. we have it all i
. but you don't these one of these to know it's cold. when it's 11:40 and the temperature has not ventured out of the 40s that's a cold day. the fountain is not getting any love. when the scarfs and hoodies come out the sidewalk dining isn't getting a lot of love. if it's cold enough for you to wear a cold then it might be cold enough for your dogs to be sporting one too. on days like these, dogs dogs bundle up too. >> they're underaged. the puppy is in greater danger as well as senior animals in reaction to the cold weather. >> reporter: helena dicker says that the temperatures are cold then it's cold for the pets to be outdoors. >> if they don't have something warm to protect them from the cold it could be life threatening. >> reporter: just like people, pets need shelter from the cold. coming up tonight at 6:00, we will take you inside one of the emergency shelters that takes in families. noelle walker, ktvu. >>> need less to say this cold weather is urging the homeless into shelters. you can also get updates from the ktvuwet every team any time they postupdates on facebook as well as
. >> tells me we need a little bit more security as far as, you know, anybody who don't belong on campus should not be on campus. >> i -- i -- i really don't think that this is cause for concern. >> reporter: school district officials downplayed the incident and said the school security plan worked. >> this is an isolated incident and something that we don't believe is widespread by any stretch of the imagination. and again, we have adults on campus that, you know, appropriately responded in this situation like they do in every other circumstance. >> reporter: police say the one suspect who was taken into custody was booked into juvenile hall and they continue to search for the two remaining suspects. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> a suspected bike thief leads police straight to his stash of stole-bikes, tires and other gear. how one of the theft victims help nab the guy. >> it's sleeping pill that works too well. the effects that linger long after the sun rises. a
pushes back and says he's only half way through the process, don't judge him so quickly, but if the president's being judged quickly on race and gender issues it may in fact be because he taught people how to do that in his campaign. there was not an issue of race or agenda that the obama campaign didn't jump on when it came to mitt romney and the republicans. so now he's feeling a little of that heat himself. >> so what does he plan to do? >> well the white house officials, first they plan to say wait a minute, his closest and most trusted adviser is an african-american woman he has plenty of women staying in his cabinet along with minorities more women work at the white house than men, so they're basically saying wait a minute that this recent flap that he's involved in is a little overtorqued as they say, but white house officials say wait a minute, there are more appointments to come stay tuned. he's planning to keep the diversity in his cabinet and his office as it was in the first term, but there are more picks to come. >> let me turn to g
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of flu is quickly becoming an uphill battle. >> i don't remember seeing anything like this here in 20 years. >> reporter: this morning, hospitals and doctors offices are running low on flu shots and tests. >> this is a true national shortage. >> reporter: more than 128 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide. but with supplies dwindling, clinics can't keep up with demand. >> today, we should be getting in possibly 30 doses at this location, but that could be gone in 20 minutes. >> reporter: across the country, schools are reporting hundreds of students out sick. as some school systems, resort to using high-powered disinfectant to clean classrooms. today in oklahoma, one district has even canceled classes. 25% of its students are ill. from minnesota to massachusetts, states are reporting an increasing number of flu deaths. in new york alone, more than 15,000 cases of the virus have already been reported. more than three-times the number during all of last year. michael mayle got a flu and pneumonia shot. but neither stopped him from making a trip to the hospital. >> neve
typically require about a seven-day hospital stay, but we don't know the severity of burns or if she sustained any other injuries. the last information we have is that they are still searching for derrick oliver -- dexter oliver, sorry. reporting live, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you, thomas. and stay with abc news on the latest for the search for the suspect. we will have updates on our website and the abc morning news at 4:30. >>> not too far from that scene two people were arrested after two cars were set on fire. just before 5:00 this evening in the bay view district witness saws a woman set her boyfriend's car and van on fire. witnesses said the woman came home and found her boyfriend cheating on her. the boyfriend became combative when police arrived and was pepper sprayed. the man and woman were arrested. ?ai emergency crews in san jose launched a water rescue to try and save a woman who drove her car into a pond. it happened between highway 85 and the aladan expressway. lilian kim was there. >> witnesses told officers this car was going fast when it crashed into the wat
a seven-day hospital stay, but we don't know the severity of burns or if she sustained any other injuries. the last information we have is that they are still searching for derrick oliver -- dexter oliver, reporting reporting live, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you, thomas. and stay with abc news on thelar latest for the search for the suspect. we will have updates on our website and the abc morning news at 4:30. >>> not too far scene that scene two people were arrested after two cars were set on fire. just before 5:00 this evening in the bay view district witness saws a woman set her boyfriend's car and van on fire. witnesses said the woman came home and found her boyfriend cheating on her. the boyfriend became combative when police arrived and was pepper sprayed. the man and woman were arrested. ?ai emergency crews in san jose launched a water rescue to try and save a woman who drove her car into a pond. it happened between highway 85 and the aladan expressway. lilian kim was there. >> witnesses told officers this car was going fast when it crashed into the water. it went as far as
to begin in two weeks. >>> cbs don don is at the shark tank where fans and businesses are eagerly anticipating the drop. >> reporter: that's right this is a battle between millionaires and billionaires. they really appreciate the fans here in san jose. they are swarming all over spending money everywhere they go. that's why they want them back. the bar and restaurant is running on the sunday night. good, but nothing like the sharks game night. hopes that they will still be on the ice puts everyone here in a good mood. >> it's great. it will bring back all of our time. they were out the door, it's a fun atmosphere. >> he's a huge shark fan and overjoyed on getting the sharks back to the ice. >> and it has been very depressing for all of us, you know, if you're a millionaire it depends if you wonder if they will ever take the stand and i'm glad they finally got the whole thing settled. >> good for fans and businesses. good for the san jose downtown circulation. >> the more impact you have for the wave of tole that washes over downtown especially the restaurant. no gains, no 30% incr
and that is warmer next week. don't go shirtless, i don't think. and it won't be as chilly next week as last week and that is because the deep trough of low pressure is moving slowly to the east and that is being placed in the pacific and the rain confined. as a result, we have a lot of sun around the bay area and to the top of mount tam, too and mount diablo and they say you can see more land area than almost any other place on earth and you way atop this fold that overlooks the central valley. as a result, can you see the sierra on a day like this and maybe i will go up there. we're going to look for temperatures to be near 50 degrees and 50 in mountainview. 52 in medical pitas and cooler than. that brian in fairfield and pittsburg and looking at numbers in the low 50s and heading for the wine country, not bad and some frozen breaks and 51 for novato and petaluma a.52 in santa rosa and in san francisco today, we'll hit a high of 50 degrees and in oakland, 53 and tonight, a low of 26 in santa rosa and below freezeing tonight and the freeze warnings are still in full affect and the five-day forec
. >> reporter: it's interesting to hear from fans but their votes don't count. hers does. >> president of the baseball writers association. i chose not to vote for barry bonds. >> reporter: steroids, she says, tainted the game. >> the current hall of fame players do not want players from the steroid era even suspected steroid users in the hall of fame. >> reporter: will there ever be a barry bonds hall of fame. souvenir uniform? time will tell on that. but if it were today, you couldn't get one at a giants dugout store. the giants don't sell anything with his name on it. he holds all the right. bonds is eligible for several more years to be voted in. mike sugerman, cbs 5. >>> we are in for several days of cold and snow. >> definitely will be some snow around mount tam. we are hoping it doesn't happen overnight where nobody gets to see it. but hopefully a light trace of snow which means mount diablo and also mount hamilton should see some light snow, as well. good evening, everybody. we are off and running to san jose mostly cloudy skies, what you c
on the city. >> i don't, if i see something i call the cops. >> high has fairly regular battles with petaluma joker and orville answer. it all started as a dare with a facebook profile. >> then, all of a sudden here we are. >> on his page he spoke about charitable organizations and other events. earlier this month he posted flyers around town. she was a classmate of his. >> during the search phase for her, he was there to help. >> i don't know who he is. whatever he is doing, that is what petaluma needs. we need a hero right now. >> we know his true identity but we are keeping it confidential. he is 19-year-old student with a day job and right now. this is a lot of fun. >> how long do you think you are going to keep doing this? >> until i wake up and i say to myself, it's not funny anymore. as long as poe influence. >> i had a conversation with petaluma shift sergeant, he has only seen him once and he considers him pretty innocuous. any time they want to offer tips they are very much welcome. >> katie: facebook is testing a $100 charge that would allow users to send a facebook message directl
patients here and for patients safety here and we come into work and sometimes don't have the tools to work with here. >> a statement released to nbc bay area reading "at all times we had clean, clear, safe water access for patients." elective surgeries will resume today. >>> well, despite recent very public problems for boeing's new 787 dreamliner, officials with san jose international airport say they're very excited about launching their new dreamliner flight service direct to japan. the s.e.c. spokesperson tells nbc bay area the first flight to tokyo is scheduled to take off as planned 11:45 friday morning. and it is sold out. now, this has the dreamliner has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. just yesterday one of the 787s began leaking fuel on the runway at boston logan airport. just one day after another dreamliner caught fire also on the tarmac. many aviation experts say these issues are nothing more than just growing pains for a new airplane. but this is not calming the nerves for some passengers at sjc. >> well, they should test it a little bit better before they get
murder was shocking. >> reporter: also, we saw footage from the interrogation. >> you don't like her? >> yeah, that's evident. that's very clear. >> how would you classify your dislike for her? >> what do you mean? i just dislike her. i don't -- >> i mean, do you hate her, do you want to see something bad happen to her? >> no. i just want her to stay away from my child. >> reporter: he describes her as cooperative but annoyed. >> it's always with missing persons, you're never doing enough. >> reporter: the police worked with michelle's family as they worked tirelessly to find her. >> it was more the -- like i say, the family putting it out there, getting it on social media and things like that, and it became a national story. >> hopefully one family out there who has a loved one missing won't feel so alone. >> reporter: now, the family members have not talked with the accused killer and said there's no desire to. but some of them say what's moving them forward is keeping michelle's legacy alive by helping other families. >> stephanie, thank you. it was difficult to watch. and janell
. >> gorgeous. gorgeous. i don't know how many miles we are seeing, i think the clouds are adding an element to beauty to it. gorgeous. >> reporter: it is cold but does it feel too cold? >> except with the wind blows. >> reporter: it was hard not to notice and got more noticeable and had drivers looking out for black ice on the roads. >> anything that would look chiney or darker -- shiny or darker. you never know when you will hit a patch of ice. >> reporter: as the temperatures drop the homeless say they feel vulnerable. >> you are so cold you don't want to move. you don't want to go outside or nothing. it is cold. you have gloves on. you will be under three blankets and still cold. >> reporter: and that is why community homeless alliance ministry is handing out blankets to the residents here. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will be here while they give out protection from the cold, cold night. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> light showers last night ushered in cold air. it settled in and tonight with clear skies it will get real cold. the national weather service issued a frost advisory f
opened the door hoskins ran off. >> not safe at all. there is nothing that we can do about it but i don't -- i would rather chai transfer to another hospital. >> now investigators did recover his jail clothing. they say he has relatives in the area. he is a is a accused of a dozen robberies. >> a public memorial is being held after a teen who died. the body was found behind a snow bank. she had attended a music festival and may have tried to walk back to her hotel. the cause of her death is under investigation but the coroner found in sign of foul play. the memorial is at casa grande high school. the family is asking everybody to wear pink which was her favorite color. >> happening now we he are counting down this evening's big playoff game between the 49ers and packers. kickoff is scheduled for just after five. are you taking a live look at the picture outside of candlestick. very quiet. the rv parking lot is about half full right now. a lot of fans are still sleeping at this hour. they will wake up soon in the afternoon. the main parking lots will open around 1:00 p.m. to give f
the beltway. >> i don't think restricting, you know, people's right to -- second amendment rights would be a solution here. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the white house is looking at several new laws including reinstating the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004, extending criminal and mental health background checks to firearms sales at gun shows, and through private dealers. >> it's critically important we act. >> reporter: today the vice president meets with representatives of gun owner groups including the national rifle association. the nra believes any restrictions on guns and ammo violate the constitution. >> i don't want any part of my freedom taken away. >> reporter: vice president joe biden says he believes new laws can make it through congress because the massacre in newtown, connecticut changed the political landscape here in washington. >> i don't think anything has touched the heart of the american people so profoundly as seeing those young children not only being shot but riddled with bullets. >> reporter: still, skeptics lik
, don't worry, we're told that temperatures are expected to warm up by monday. but you don't have to take my word for it. for all things weather, let's send things to elizabeth in the weather center. >> thank you. if you think you're cold now, wait until tomorrow. as she just mentioned, we are already have freeze warnings and frost advisories posted for tomorrow morning at this time. so let's check out our cbs 5 hi- def doppler. a lot of the bay area is dry. but as you can see, hugging the coastline and moving inland we have scattered very light showers. earlier it was in parts of saratoga, san jose, look like dry right now traveling any of those freeways. where we're seeing some rain and even some snow earlier we saw some snow showers that kind of was a mixture of pink and white. you can see a little bit right now over boulder creek and santa cruz county. so again be careful traveling highway 9 in the area. one to two inches is possible over the santa cruz mountains. so highway 17, highway 35. that winter weather advisory in those mountains set
a transfer out of marin city. >> i wish i knew who shot my brother. i don't know who shot my brother. >> authorities zront a description of the shooter. they're urging anyone with any information to contact the marin county sheriff's office. bay area crime stoppers is offering ath,y reward, tippers n remain anonymous n marin city, abc 7 news. >> our microphone, sorry. you're looking at the oil tanker that hit a support to you dwler week. >> the coast guard gave the okay after completing interviews and gathering evidence related to the collision. you can see the video here from sky 7. inspectors determined the raymar did not experience damage. the bay bridge has $2 million worth of damage, though. >> still ahaetd 4:00 thanks to your tips oakland police get a break in a bank robbery case. >> and facebook's mark zuckerberg wants to hear from you. >> and at 4:30, pim onchallenge in one stit help get rid of the reptiles. >> michael finney will answer your questions here live in just a few minutes. you can contact michael on as well as on twitter. m finney. >> and taking a loo
out with the police and city officials, he says it should be adopted. >> we certainly don't want to have criminals breaking into homes and getting a hold of guns. that can happen. >> in piedmont, thomas ramone, abc7 news. >> coming up next, a happy reunion. a woman together again with her doing more than two months after super storm sandy. why animal rescue officials are putting out an urgent call for help. and the peninsula community comes together to try to >> we've seen the damage and heard the stories from super storm sandy. a woman who lost her pets is finally back together with her doing. pets are sometimes the forgotten victims of the storms and this morning there is an urgent message about scores of cats and dogs still unclaimed. here is abc with the story. >> jordan clark is finally bringing her doing, midnight, home. >> it's kind of surreal. it's kind of like it's over, but feels like christmas morning. like just to be able to be back to him. >> clark was living in the rockaways in queens, new york when she lost everything, including her house in hurricane sandy. >> to
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